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Waterloo MedTech Conference 2019 Proceedings This proceedings report explores how to build a medtech innovation hub based on other pioneering, exemplary incubators across North America. Each alludes to a culture of health innovation and entrepreneurialism. The report includes the top innovators and start-ups showcase and Start-Up to Scale-Up Award of Excellence, Award of Distinction and MedTech Visionary Award.

This fourth annual Waterloo Medtech Conference could be a watershed, a defining moment for Waterloo Region, as we build upon the successes and lessons from other medtech infrastructure projects in Toronto, Montreal, Boston, Baltimore and beyond.

"We look forward to discussing the conference outcomes further with key players within the community and can't wait for next year's conference to provide a progress update on the MedTech infrastructure within Waterloo Region," explained Dr. Doug Dittmer, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician.


This proceedings report was produced by John Gregory, Opencity Inc., Rebecca MacIntyre, Intellijoint Surgical Inc., and Shirley Fenton, Waterloo MedTech.

Technological innovation is desperately needed in the medical field today

However, before an innovation can be adopted in medical practice, researchers must overcome significant cost and resource-heavy barriers around technology deployment.

Waterloo MedTech leverages the Region's unique collaborative innovation culture to address the gap between healthcare research and its adoption in practice.

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Mobilizing research innovation in health care can be complex.

That's where Waterloo MedTech comes in. An innovator presents his or her research to our skilled Waterloo MedTech team who then provide support in connecting to legal, clinical, and related industry next steps required to take the idea to market.

Specifically the Waterloo MedTech team and partners can:

  • help visionaries access resouces and guidance to move their idea forward
  • provide a chance to brainstorm with leaders in your field
  • help navigate the process of concept validation and medical adoption
  • link researchers to ethics board, regulators, clinicians, and more!
  • Disruptive impact
  • Waterloo MedTech leverages timely opportunity within Waterloo Region's uniquely collaborative innovation culture to advance the outcomes of healthcare research.

  • Resources & support
  • The powerful Waterloo MedTech team and partners help visionaries access neccessary resources and guidance to move their idea forward.

  • Network benefits
  • Waterloo MedTech has created an ecosystem that can foster any new medical technology idea, connecting a network of of innovators to powerful commercialization partners.

  • Award-winning leadership
  • Our founders have been recognized nationally and internationally for their accolades around mobilizing innovations in healthcare research.

Award-winning leaders

A founding tenant of the data hub, the Waterloo MedTech founders and directors compose a powerful team of award-winning leadership, boasting prestigious national and international distinctions.


Don Cowan

International multi-award winning scientist and researcher; Distinguished Professor Emeritus and Director of the Computer Systems Group, and Founding Chairman of the Computer Science Department at the University of Waterloo.


Shirley Fenton

30+ years experience in business development, information technology, and health IT; VP, National Institutes of Health Informatics; Research Associate, Computer Systems Group, University of Waterloo


Garry Bezruki

Former CIO for the City of Waterloo; recognized leader in IT with 30+ years diverse experience; start-up mentor and executive advisor for Smart Cities / Smart Government.


Mark Whaley

Co-founder of multiple successful start-ups nationally and internationally; Mark's community leadership led the transformation of Waterloo into an intelligent city globally.


Brian Vartian

7+ years as a physician; a strong advocate for the adoption of innovation within the healthcare ecosystem; former family medicine practitioner; currently Chief of Anesthesia at Groves Memorial Community Hospital.


Laurie Lafleur

20+ years of experience in MedTech and Health Informatics innovation; leader and mentor in health IT design, development, and commercialization; guides digital transformation strategies for healthcare organizations nationally and internationally.


Stef Dietrich

20+ years experience building strong brands and go-to-market strategies for healthcare start-up, scale-up and established medical device and information technology organizations including successful Waterloo companies, Mitra Imaging and Client Outlook.


Christie Eby

20+ years of experience in the Medical Devices industry in Canada, with a focus on Quality & Regulatory, process excellence and digital transformation. A senior manager in 2 successful MedTech startups in Waterloo, Client Outlook and Intellijoint Surgical, with early career at Mitra Imaging.

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